What are some ways faith communities can help prevent suicide, in addition to the Faith.Hope.Life. campaign?

There are many very practical ways faith leaders and faith communities can help prevent suicides, whether locally, state-wide, or nationally. In many cases, it is easy to integrate suicide prevention activities into programs that already exist in your faith community. For instance, distributing wallet cards that list common warning signs of suicide and/or indications someone is having trouble coping. Both encourage concerned individuals to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255). Another idea is to establish relationships with “faith-respecting” mental health professionals in the community. These are two common examples.

For additional ideas, check out The Role of Faith Community Leaders in Preventing Suicide, published by the national Suicide Prevention Resource Center, and also an archived webinar produced by the Action Alliance on the Role of Faith Leaders in Suicide Prevention.