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Prerna Mona Khanna, M.D.
Physician, Humanitarian, Journalist, and Medical Director of Occupational Medicine
Desert Regional Medical Center
Prerna Mona Khanna, M.D., MPH, MRO, FACP, FACPM, FACOEM, QME is an Emmy Award-winning triple board certified physician and acclaimed humanitarian. For her worldwide contributions in the fields of media and medicine, in the past 2 years she has been named an Ellis Island Medalist and Chicagoan of the Year, and awarded the American Medical Association Foundation's Health Education Award, Illinois Secretary of State Humanitarian Excellence Award and Johns Hopkins University Global Achievement Award. 
Dr. Mona, as she is known, is the Medical Director of Occupational Medicine for Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, California. She also writes a weekly medical column for the Desert Sun Newspaper called “Ask Dr. Mona.”
In 2015, Dr. Mona returned from one of her most notable humanitarian assignments, a 3-month deployment to Liberia to help fight the Ebola epidemic. A board certified occupational medicine physician, she was responsible for the health and safety of health workers and for providing technical support to the World Health Organization, Liberia Ministry of Health and partner non-governmental organizations, such as Oxfam and the CDC. 
She is a triple board-certified practicing medical doctor and an Emmy award-winning multi-platform medical journalist. She is committed to making a difference in the lives of others by coming to the aid of our global community and preparing citizens for unforeseen disasters and emergencies through media awareness. 
She specializes in emergency preparedness and responding to disasters. She has completed a CDC course for providers volunteering in Ebola Treatment Units, two terrorism response courses in Israel, and two disaster preparedness courses in the Ukraine. She has served on 4 domestic disaster teams – HHS Disaster Medical Assistance Team, DHS Urban Search & Rescue, Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team and the Texas State Guard Medical Brigade – as well as several non-governmental disaster teams, and is deployable to national and international disasters within 24-hours. Her medical relief efforts, which have taken place in more than 14 countries, have earned praise from Congress, Texas and California governors, Illinois Secretary of State, Cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, San Bernardino and Riverside counties, and the Veterans Administration. 
A lifelong media health advocate whose college degree is in journalism, she has also worked as a television reporter for 10 years, for CBS Television in Palm Springs and Dallas Fort Worth and Fox Chicago News.