Comprehensive Blueprint for Workplace Suicide Prevention


Businesses can provide employees with tools that help them self-assess for levels of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other problems. Tools like this are often called “mental health screening” tools, and they are an important component of detection and early prevention of common mental health concerns.  When mental health conditions like these are identified early they, like other progressive illnesses, can be treated and prevented from escalating into debilitating and life-threatening problems. On the other hand, untreated mental illnesses like depression are often the primary drivers of suicide risk.

We have strong evidence that suggests that when employees’ mental health problems are identified early and treated well, the employees are able to recover and save the business significant costs in lost productivity from the illness.[1] Screenings can serve as a comfortable, non-threatening way to gauge one’s emotional health and can be used as a starting point for further services. Organizations listed below provide mental health screening services that can be customized for companies or can be offered directly to their adult employees.

Name of Organization or Program Website Type of Organization  Services  Format (Print, Webinar, Blog, etc.) Cost
Man Therapy Non profit 18-point head inspection for men Online Free
Workplace Response Screening for Mental Health Non profit Mental Health online screening Online Cost based on employee population

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[1]National Institute of Mental Health (2007) Workplace Depression Screening, Outreach and Enhanced Treatment Improves Productivity, Lowers Employer Costs