Survivors of Suicide Loss, Suicide Attempt Survivors, Those at Risk, and Concerned Family Members & Friends

The work of the RPTF provides those bereaved as a result of suicide loss, suicide attempt survivors, those at risk, and all concerned family members and friends an opportunity to be better informed about the research necessary to reduce the public health burden of suicide in the U.S. This can be the foundation for individual efforts to educate and inform both public and private entities, whose support is needed to accomplish the RPTF’s vital primary objective.

Why is this Prioritized Research Agenda important?

  • In spite of continued public and private investment in research over the past decade, there is no evidence of an overall decrease in suicide deaths or attempts in the United States.
  • This is the first time in the United States that suicide research has been prioritized to have the biggest impact on the rates of suicide attempts and deaths.
  • Will help focus the funding for suicide research to those areas that show the most promise.

How can I use this Prioritized Research Agenda?

  • Advocate for more funding for suicide research by showing that there is a strategic, prioritized effort to fund research in specific areas that show the most promise.
  • Encourage funding organizations to fund research in the areas outlined in the Prioritized Research Agenda.
  • Support the research infrastructure objectives outlined in the Prioritized Research Agenda (e.g. expanding bio banking, developing patient registries).