Public Awareness and Education Task Force

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Develop an innovative communication strategy that efficiently targets relevant populations, promotes leadership within the Action Alliance, and engages the entertainment industry and the news media to generate accurate, compelling stories, and depictions that reinforce suicide prevention programs in order to improve suicide prevention messages in the media by 2013.


  1. Define various communities/populations with which the Action Alliance plans to communicate, as well as the message of adopted action/change anticipated based on a clear understanding of existing message strategies in suicide prevention and awareness.
  2. Include recommendations in the communication strategy that allow Action Alliance leadership to be strategically positioned to address suicide prevention to media outlets.
  3. Create a marketing and communication strategy that, when implemented, will result in increased visibility for specific priorities identified by each Action Alliance task force.
    1. National Strategy Task Force: Improve upon existing media goals to include digital messaging strategies to address the emergence of social networking sites.
    2. Research Task Force: Determine the conduits of information used by specific communities to establish the most appropriate communication strategies.
    3. AI/AN, LGBT Youth, and Military/Veterans Task Forces: Assess culturally-sensitive communication strategies and priority messages for each community to deliver long-lasting suicide prevention and awareness messages to each population.
  4. Provide the entertainment industry and the news media with tools that offer suggestions for appropriate and accurate suicide prevention and awareness messages.
  5. Develop and implement evaluation strategies to assess the effectiveness of the interventions.
  • Jack Benson, MBA—Co-Lead, Private Sector; Principal & Business Manager, Reingold
  • Brian Dyak—Co-Lead, Private Sector; President and CEO, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.
  • Rita Fabi—Co-Lead, Private Sector; Marketing Manager, Facebook, Inc.
  • Mark Weber, MBA—Co-Lead, Public Sector; Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Human Services, Public Affairs Office, US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Monika Bickert, JD, Lead Security Counsel, Facebook, Inc.
  • Derek Blumke, President, Student Veterans of America
  • Ann Marie Cumming, Vice President of Communications, National Association of Broadcasters
  • Judy Cushing, President and CEO Emeritus, Lines for Life
  • Jeff Edwards, Chase Edwards Memorial Foundation
  • John Griffiths, Television Critic, Us Weekly
  • Mary Hyashi, MBA, Assemblywoman, California State Assembly
  • Courtney Knowles, Executive Director, The Jed Foundation
  • Gary Kreps, PhD, FAAHB, University Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Communication, George Mason University
  • Richard Lieberman, MA, LEP, NCSP, Coordinator, Suicide Prevention Unit, Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Wayne Lynch, News Director, Northwest Cable News
  • Karen Moyer, Co-founder, Chairman, and Vice President, Moyer Foundation
  • Daniel J. Reidenberg, PsyD, FAPA, Executive Director, Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
  • Jason Rzepka, Vice President, Public Affairs, MTV360
  • Nedra Weinreich, President, Weinreich Communications
  • Terry Wise, JD, Author and Speaker