NSPW Overview

A national poll found that almost 50 percent of American respondents identified barriers that stopped them from trying to help someone at risk for suicide. These included the fear that they would say or do something to make things worse rather than better, and not knowing how to find help for a person in crisis.

To ensure the public is informed about the actions that can help save a life in their families, neighborhoods, schools, faith communities, and workplaces, during September 11-16 the Action Alliance is leveraging the good work of existing campaigns (#BeThe1To#BeThere, and Take 5 to Save Lives) that focus on the importance of being there for others. On September 11-16, the Action Alliance and its partners will collectively unite to educate the public about the many ways to take action to support a person who is struggline or in crisis. 

Learn more about the existing campaigns and utilize existing materials in your organization's messaging efforts in September.



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