Youth in Contact with the Juvenile Justice System Task Force Objectives

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive national strategy and action plan by collaborating with the Public Awareness and Education Task Force to promote awareness among individuals who work with adjudicated youth and youth at risk of delinquency, and the public at large, that there is an increased risk for suicidal behaviors in youth who are involved with the juvenile justice system and that suicide for this target population is preventable.
  • Support research on suicide and suicide prevention for youth in contact with the juvenile justice system by collaborating with the Research Prioritization Task Force.
  • Advance suicide prevention programs in juvenile facilities, as well as at each point of contact in the juvenile justice system. This objective includes developing a national strategy to enforce the implementation of the National Juvenile Correctional Standards related to suicide prevention.
  • Develop unique training curricula targeted to suicide prevention within juvenile facilities. There is also a need for effective training programs to ensure that personnel who work in the juvenile justice system receive both pre-service and annual instruction in suicide prevention.
  • Improve collaboration between the mental health and juvenile justice systems, including community service providers, in order to increase awareness and to develop and promote effective clinical and professional practices among those serving youth at each point of contact in the juvenile justice system.