Create & disseminate a framework for comprehensive community-based suicide prevention.

The Action Alliance is:

Identifying and disseminating a core set of elements/strategic framework for comprehensive community-based suicide prevention to states and communities. Recommendations will include, but not be limited to:

  • Reviewing the literature and conducting an environmental scan about community-based approaches to suicide prevention and other prevention areas that have been successful in a) helping community groups plan and implement efforts and b) reducing the burden of death and disease at the community level;
  • Exploring existing resources on advancing community prevention efforts (specific and non-specific to suicide) (e.g., new SPRC comprehensive approach, SPRC strategic planning framework, SAMHSA Strategic Planning Framework, CDC Community Health Improvement model, Getting to Outcomes, Collective Impact model, New South Wales Suicide Prevention Framework, etc.);
  • Identifying the key process, infrastructure, and programmatic elements of a comprehensive community-based approach for suicide prevention (e.g., leadership, champion, private sector engagement, local government engagement, evaluating efforts);
  • Maintaining a focus on burden reduction – in other words, suicide is an urgent problem for which we need to focus on the best available evidence to save lives.