Transform health care systems to significantly reduce suicide.

 The Action Alliance is:

  • Promoting the adoption of “zero suicides” as an organizing goal for clinical systems—behavioral health and primary care— by supporting efforts to transform suicide care through leadership, policies, practices, and outcome measurements. This builds upon the momentum of the 2011 report released by the Action Alliance’s Clinical Care and Intervention Task Force, Suicide Care in Systems Framework. The Action Alliance, in collaboration with partner organizations, launched the Zero Suicide initiative, which includes a Zero Suicide website and toolkit, (link is external), expert faculty members, and technical assistance from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center to early adopter organizations who are implementing Zero Suicide. The Action Alliance continues to support the Zero Suicide initiative by expanding to more organizations and supporting efforts to evaluate outcomes.  The operational aspects of Zero Suicide are managed by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.
  • Exploring ways to expand the transformation of health care systems by scaling up implementation of best practices for Suicide Care in Emergency Departments.
  • Evaluating ways to extend our focus to Inpatient Care Transitions to increase implementation of best practices and protocols for inpatient psychiatric units to improve care transitions to outpatient and community services for all patients at risk for suicide.