Communication Aids: Flyers, Bulletin inserts, Posters, and other Graphical Art

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Communication Aids: Flyers, Bulletin inserts, Posters, and other Graphical Art

These resources will help you communicate with your members about the Faith.Hope.Life. campaign. They may be used without permission, either in their current form, or as you choose to modify them to suit the culture, language, and customs of your particular faith community. These materials conform to Faith.Hope.Life. editorial guidelines; however, the theological or spiritual perspective of each is that of the contributor or the author and not necessarily that of the Action Alliance or the Faith Communities Task Force.


Promotional flyer: Ten ideas for action, tailored for members of faith communities, to promote the Faith.Hope.Life. campaign in their churches, mosques, and synagogues. The flyer was produced in collaboration with the National Council for Suicide Prevention.

Bulletin Insert Suggestions, PowerPoint slides, and Other Resources

Bulletin insert example 1: Focuses on promoting mental and emotional health among faith community members and includes messages about preventing suicides.

Bulletin insert example 2: Focuses more directly on suicide prevention, featuring messages about recognizing those who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide and ways to intervene successfully.

Bulletin insert example 3: This example combines three message components in a two-sided format.

Story of Hope and Healing 1: Shares the true story of how a faith leader intervened in a suicidal crisis, providing support to the member and her family through the crisis and during her recovery.

How Faith Communities Help in Suicide Prevention: Highlights four practical things faith communities can do to help reduce risk of suicide in their communities.

PowerPoint slides 1: Communicates main elements of the Faith.Hope.Life. campaign in bulleted PowerPoint slides.  

Posters and Other Graphic Art

Conference Banner: This full length conference banner is available for loan to any organization sponsoring or exhibiting at a conference attracting faith leaders or advocates for mental health or suicide prevention.