Change the public conversation around suicide and suicide prevention.

The Action Alliance is:

Leveraging the media, national leaders, and all those who communicate about suicide prevention to change the national narratives around suicide and suicide prevention to ones that promote hope, connectedness, social support, resilience, treatment, and recovery. This priority is focused on fundamentally transforming attitudes and behaviors relating to suicide and suicide prevention.

  • Through working with national leaders in the journalism field the Action Alliance works to educate the U.S. media on balanced and responsible coverage of suicide and mental health reporting. With leadership from the Poynter Institute, reporters in broadcast, print, and digital media are being trained on ethical and safe reporting practices.
  • The Framework for Successful Messaging outlines how individuals and organizations working in suicide prevention and behavioral health promotion can promote hope, help, and resilience, and ultimately help save lives. The Framework for Successful Messaging aims to reframe messages by recommending that communications emphasize hope, resiliency, recovery, and prevention.
  • Promoting The way in which media covers suicide can influence behavior negatively by contributing to contagion or positively by encouraging help-seeking. The website features the Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide, which encourage media to report on suicide in a safer and more help-focused way.