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To support implementation of the newly revised National Strategy for Suicide Prevention by developing a consumer-driven (i.e. attempt survivor perspective) technical guidance document which will provide a framework of action steps for national, state, and local stakeholders to use when developing resources and initiatives that engage and empower suicide attempt survivors.


  1. Conduct a state-of-science literature review and other background research.
  2. Identify, target, and engage key audiences as participants in the development and dissemination of the technical guidance document.
  3. Create final technical guidance document. During the development process, work with co-leads of other Action Alliance task forces to identify recommendations and objectives that are consistent with suicide attempt survivor focused central tenets and that may be incorporated into the document. 
  4. Engage Action Alliance Executive Committee, Action Alliance task forces, national peer/consumer organizations, and other national partners to assist with the outreach and dissemination of the document and its recommendations.


  • John Draper, PhD – Co-Lead, Private Sector; Project Director, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Eduardo Vega, MA –Co-Lead, Private Sector; Executive Director, Mental Health Association of San Francisco
  • Lilly Glass Akoto, LCSW, Looking In ~ Looking Out, LLC
  • Cara Anna, Founder, Talking about Suicide Blog
  • Heidi Bryan, Founder, Feeling Blue Suicide Prevention Council and Heidi Bryan Consulting, LLC
  • Julie Cerel, PhD, Associate Professor, College of Social Work, University of Kentucky
  • Mark Davis, MA, Consumer Advocate
  • Linda Eakes, CMPS, New Frontiers, Truman Behavioral Health
  • Barb Gay, MA, Executive Director, Foundation 2, Inc.
  • Leah Harris, MA, National Empowerment Center
  • Tom Kelly, CRSS, CPS, Manager, Recovery and Resiliency, Magellan Health Services of Arizona
  • Carmen Lee, Program Director, Stamp Out Stigma
  • Stanley Lewy, MBA, MPH, President, Suicide Prevention Association
  • DeQuincy Lezine, PhD, President and CEO, Prevention Communities
  • Jennifer Randal-Thorpe, CEO, MR Behavior Intervention Center
  • Shari Sinwelski, MS, EdS, Director of Network Development, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Sabrina Strong, MPH, Executive Director, Waking Up Alive, Inc.
  • CW Tillman, Consumer Advocate
  • Stephanie Weber, MS, Executive Director, Suicide Prevention Services of America
  • * Staff Support: Angela Mark, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)